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My name is Bonnie Cathryn my journey with mediumship and psychic experiences has been life long. As a young child I knew I wanted to work with and help people. I have worked in the corporate sector and in business. I have worked in health and human services and completed my college experience in the mental health field. I am continuing my efforts in working with children and families and am now concentrating my efforts on trauma focused modalities. My skills continue to develop and  I am learning more each day. As I mentioned my experience with spirit, healing, and earth energies began early in my life and continue to expand. I have a deep respect for all those I come in contact with and am privileged to share the experience. I spent many years sharing with family,  friends and co-workers the messages and foresight bestowed to me. Now, with the encouragement of many,  I have come to a time where I am prepared to communicate and connect with others. I approach the experience with the utmost respect, with spirit, white light, profound honor and gratitude... 


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 "Hello, I just would like to say that meeting and sitting with all of you is an honor. Thank you for trusting me to communicate with your loved ones who are on the other side. Blessings to all... "  Bonnie Cathryn
  Bonnie is a gifted psychic medium that always gives me peace and hope with her readings. She is the real deal and I highly recommend going for a reading. Nakia   12/22/19 

 I am so thankful and grateful that my sister referred her friend Bonnie, I had a reading session two months ago and all that Bonnie saw and heard from the spirituality was true! Bonnie you are an amazing person. Thank you! Natty 12/25/19 

  I cannot speak highly enough of Bonnie of Sky Spirit Speak. A true gift, honest and amazing energy. I highly recommend! 
Marcia 1/10/2020 

Bonnie helped me to make contact with two friends of mine who have passed. She gave me such specific details about both people that she would have had no idea about whatsoever. She could feel the situation. She knew things during our Zoom video without me saying a word. All I did was sit there and she blew me away. I highly recommend a reading with Bonnie and would definitely see her again in the furture.

Thank you Bonnie! 

Joey 6/10/2020 


Message from SkySpirit

Hello everyone due to pandemic guidelines all public events have been cancelled until further notice. I am currently working on providing services

virtually. Please email me and provide a way for me to contact you to confirm an appointment. I will be available  via zoom and can send a link upon payment at a designated time.  I will also be tuning in on my Facebook page Sky Spirit Speak with virtual messages at times posted on the page. If any one has questions please contact me via this site and select the contact me tab at the top of this page.

Thank you all and be well.

Bonnie Cathryn

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